Sonya McGuire Fragrance
Empowering Women

About Sonya

Sonya McGuire is the founder and CEO of vocational education and training college, Australian College of Information Technology and Institute of Film and Television (ACIT & IFTV), established in 1995.
In 2017, she founded a new production house on the Gold Coast – IFTV Studios.

With a strong belief in the power of education to bring about change and a personal zest for knowledge, Sonya is currently working on various production projects including, Empowering women.

This belief in the power of education has guided Sonya throughout her own academic journey.

Sonya holds a post-graduate law degree Master of Legal Administration (International and Business and Finance) from Bond University in Australia.

An enduring commitment to community and to enhancing the lives of others has underpinned Sonya’s work for over two decades. For the past 25 years, Sonya has played a pivotal role in advancing the Gold Coast’s reputation as one of the world’s leaders in vocational training.

As an advocate for women in business and a staunch believer in the role education can play in enhancing the lives of women, Sonya is committed to her projects including productions, a centre for young business entrepreneurs and the development of women empowering digital documentaries.

Sonya currently holds executive roles including Creative Director, Writer, Executive producer roles at Empowering Women digital productions.

Membership and Associations

Sonya is a member of the American Association, AMEC; the Association of Media and Entertainment Counsel, Queensland Law Society, Austral Asia Legal Counsel, Screen Producers Association Australia, Screenworks and a member of Wildlife Tourism Australia.

Sonya McGuire Enterprises

Sonya McGuire Fragrance brand label development first commenced in 2019

Sonya McGuire Fragrance - tre's jolie

Maison Sonya McGuire News

Based on the premise that living beautifully should be effortless, the brand develops quality products in Fragrance and is now creating additional products such as lotions and other beauty products to follow.


To my children Jonathan, Will and Christian, you are my heart and my inspiration. To my husband Danny, thank you for your love and support. To my cute puppies Teddy and Bear, thank you for making me laugh…

très jolie was created
in Loving Memory of my parents Bernice and Frank Rose

To Mum and Pop, while you were on earth, you were my strongest tower. Thank you for giving me the love, encouragement and support. Without your love and support, I would never have made it. May you both rest and enjoy in the presence of God. Till we meet again. Au revoir!


To God be the glory!


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Creation of Fragrance in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France

Sonya began her career at Fragrance creation in France in 2019 just prior to pandemic.


Sonya McGuire Fragrance
très jolie (Made in France)

Sonya McGuire