Shop To Empower Women At Sonya McGuire Fragrance, we believe in equality and empowering women. We support women in crisis to obtain funding through various education courses that create employment, and opportunities to get ahead in the real world.  Sonya McGuire's

It is important to us to maintain the historical formulas and ingredients; therefore, we have a dedicated team to create relationships with local producers and farmers in France.  We strive to purchase local French produce whenever possible, ensuring only original flowers

We use flowers that are farmed in an ethical way. We respect and care for the environment and adhere to the UN Global Pact and its ten principles and recommendations for human, labour and environmental rights and fight against corruption.

We build real partnerships with suppliers and producers that have operated in France for 200 plus years, to ensure they have a reliable, lasting, at a price that is agreed by all parties and we donate a percentage of the

To ensure we are able to sustain the best quality, we work closely with producers and manufacturers for quality and regulatory purposes. Mostly in the perfumes manufacturing process, the main ingredients are derived to guarantee the absence of chemical inputs.

Creating something beautiful for every women who need empowerment. In creating this Fragrance, Sonya has  every woman’s confidence in mind… The scent of très jolie meaning ‘very beautiful’, exudes quality and imagination,  together with French noses who has experience in