Creating something beautiful for all women who need empowerment.

In creating this fragrance, Sonya has every woman’s confidence in mind.


The scent of très jolie – meaning ‘very beautiful’, exudes quality, vision and imagination.

 Together with French specialists, with knowledge of 200-year-old recipes, this beautiful scent was brought to life.


There was a lot of love and passion from the beginning of her journey…

The journey was to find that special, magical touch, a touch of empowerment!

Creating the Sonya McGuire personal label was a very profound and exciting venture for Australian business entrepreneur, Sonya McGuire.


For Sonya, she experienced losing her mother from cancer in 2019.

She created this beautiful fragrance

 In loving memory of her


“Love speaks louder than anything else. In death, she gave me hope to live again through love of my own family, love of life and helping others to feel empowered.”

Since 2019, the development process involved visiting fragrance farms in the south of France, seeing the most experienced manufacturers and working with the most experienced noses to find that special fragrance. The beautiful artistic direction, design, and label was directed by the creative imagination of Sonya McGuire.


The new “très jolie” by Sonya McGuire Eau De Parfum, is now a true reality. After battling several lock downs in France during the pandemic, Sonya has continued her label for Maison Sonya McGuire Parfum and “très jolie”, a fragrance made for the empowerment of women.


Très Jolie   

by  Sonya McGuire Eau De Parfum

Created in loving memory of her mother Bernice