Shop To Empower Women

At Sonya McGuire Fragrance, we believe in equality and empowering women. We support women in crisis to obtain funding through various education courses that create employment, and opportunities to get ahead in the real world.  Sonya McGuire’s vision as an entrepreneur is to help women in crisis. She has been an advocate for women’s empowerment through her businesses for 30 years. She started her first business in 1995 in education to help many people with employment opportunities.

 ‘Sonya McGuire’s Empowering Women, and partnership in education with ACIT & IFTV College, have supported hundreds of people during Covid 19 crisis, providing financial support in partial scholarships for many young people regardless of gender and race.

In 2023, a new improved scholarship will be offered for ‘Women in Crises’, especially to women who are in difficult social situations in the world. This new scholarship will provide online education in partnership with ACIT & IFTV College in Gold Coast Queensland Australia.

SONYA MCGUIRE in public forum