Creation of Fragrance tre's jloie

It was in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, France that Sonya McGuire’s “très jolie” was first developed using the expert noses of French perfumiers and developed with her love of feminine luxury. She travels all over France from the factories to the fragrance farms to forge the empowering and sensual fragrance, meeting the very best producer standards from all over the world.

Sonya McGuire uses flowers from the exquisite flower farms in Provence to create the delicate scent at the heart of très jolie eau de parfum. The fragrance has been developed following ancient recipes dating back over 200 years.

Over the course of hundreds of days, a variety of types and thousands of flowers were harvested, before being weighed and treated to enhance their properties.


Manufacturing in France

très jolie, was created by using hand-selected ingredients by highly-skilled French perfumiers.

Formulation of très jolie

At the Perfume Creation Laboratory, located in France, these ingredients are weighed in small quantities according to the required proportions, then blended with alcohol before the fragrance is returned to distribution centre in Australia.

The process involved in finalising a formula can take anywhere between a few months to several years.